Summer Music Lessons – Avoid the Summer Slump!

Summer Guitar Lessons

With lots of sunny days and outdoor fun ahead, it can be tempting to take a break from lessons during the summer months. As we’ve learned over the  years, though, it’s important for students to maintain a consistent lesson schedule throughout the summer for two important reasons:

  • Students who continue during summer excel with more time to focus on music and fewer distractions.
  • Students who take a break during summer lose the progress they’ve made, which leads to frustrations and a loss of confidence.

Each year, we see students who continue during the summer thrive, and the benefits have been proven again and again by research. Here are just a few examples of the positive impact:

  • Preventing the “Summer Slump:” Summer music lessons help students prevent the loss of academic skills that can occur during the summer months. Research shows that students who participate in summer music programs are less likely to experience the summer slide and can even improve their academic skills (Hilibrand & Marxen, 2014).
  • Maintaining Progress: When students take a break from lessons during the summer, they risk losing the progress they have made during the year. A study by Rickard et al. (2010) found that students who stopped practicing for six weeks lost an average of one month’s worth of progress. By continuing lessons during the summer, students can maintain the momentum they have built up during the school year and continue to improve their skills.
  • Building Confidence: When students take a break from lessons, they can experience a loss of confidence in their abilities. However, a study by Southgate and McPherson (2019) found that students who continued practicing during the summer reported increased confidence in their abilities. By continuing lessons during the summer, students can build their confidence and feel more prepared as they continue their musical journey.

We’re dedicated to giving our students a great lesson experience, and summer really is an amazing opportunity to grow as musicians! Remember, our office staff is available to help work around your summer schedule and make accommodations for travel and other activities. 

If you need to make any summer scheduling adjustments, just let us know!

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