Celebrating Our Students of the Month: Kai & Niko!

Kai and Niko Students of the Month StrumClub

Congratulations to this month’s Students of the Month, siblings Kai & Niko! They were nominated by their instructor, Maria, for their progress and enthusiasm with piano lessons. We talked with the siblings and their mom about their journey with music, their favorite parts of lessons, and lots more!

Music has a special place in Kai and Niko’s home. Their mom, Tomoko, recognized Kai’s interest in musical instruments early on, introducing him to the piano at age 5. After discovering StrumClub through a friend’s recommendation, she was initially unsure about remote lessons but quickly saw their benefits. “StrumClub was just a perfect option. It’s just so much easier to get it done at home,” she says, pleased with the convenience and the progress her children have made.

For Kai, the piano is more than an instrument – it’s a way to express himself and share his growing musical abilities. “I am proud I have come all this way to show off my skills,” he says. A touching moment came when Kai played “Grandfather’s Clock” for his grandfather, creating a memorable and emotional experience for the whole family. Niko, sharing her brother’s musical passion, values the encouragement and support their instructor, Maria, provides. She finds her support especially helpful when facing challenging parts of lessons. “I like that Maria always encourages us,” Niko says.

Maria couldn’t be happier with Kai and Niko’s progress. “They are always super focused,” she observes. “They are reading music and practicing really well, so I am happy to nominate them for students of the month!”

The siblings plan to continue to share and motivate others with music. Kai’s description of the piano as “keys to the gates of creativity” perfectly captures the siblings’ enthusiasm!

Congratulations to Kai and Niko! Your dedication, creativity, and love for music inspire us all.

Check out our full video interview, for more from Kai, Niko, and their mom!

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