Meet Alana and Julien, Our September Students of the Month!

Congratulations to this month’s Students of the Month, siblings Alana & Julien! They were nominated by their instructor, April, for their progress and enthusiasm with piano lessons. We talked with the dynamic duo and their dad about their journey with music, their experience with lessons, and lots more!

For Alana, music isn’t just a hobby; it’s an integral part of her life. “Music has always been in my life. It’s one of the ways that I like to express myself,” she shares. Julien, equally passionate, cherishes the moments of piecing together what they learn in their lessons. “My favorite thing about lessons is learning how to read the notes. It’s super fun to put it all together.”

They both have high praise for their instructor, April. “I like that she’s a really good teacher and always ensures we learn the right way,” says Alana. Julien nods in agreement, emphasizing how April has always supported them in their learning journey.

Alana and Julien in a lesson with their instructor, April.

“From the moment they started, they took a love to it. Watching them progress through their goals has made me a proud parent,” their dad, Clarence, shared. “Obviously, being a military family, we move a lot. So flexibility is the key for us. StrumClub has been very flexible in working with us and ensuring that we got what we needed to make sure our kids were taken care of.”

Alana and Julien with their dad, Clarence.

Alana recalls her journey before joining StrumClub. “Before I started here, I had been practicing piano for a year with another instructor, but with StrumClub, I started making rapid progress.” Now, she’s not only adept at reading music but continues to enhance her skills with every lesson!

“I absolutely recommend it” says their dad, “especially for the patience the instructors show, especially with younger students. We’ve been here for a while and plan on staying longer!”

Congratulations to Alana and Julien! Your dedication, enthusiasm, and love for music inspire us all.

Check out our full video interview, for more from Alana, Julien, and their dad!

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