Celebrating Our Student of the Month: Rory!

Rory Student of the Month StrumClub

Congratulations to this month’s Student of the Month, Rory! Rory was nominated by his instructor, Danica, for his fantastic progress and dedication to practicing and playing piano. We talked to Rory and his dad about his journey with music, performing live at a restaurant, and lots more!

Music isn’t just a hobby for Rory, our newest Student of the Month at StrumClub, it’s a passion that has blossomed under the guidance of his instructor, Danica! He’s currently mastering Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” a piece he finds both smooth and fun to play. “It’s really satisfying,” Rory shares with a smile. His repertoire doesn’t stop there, though; it ranges from holiday favorites like “Carol of the Bells” to rock classics such as “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and “Don’t Stop Believin.”

StrumClub Student of the Month Rory
StrumClub Student of the Month, Rory

Rory’s dad, Jon, is thrilled to see his son thrive. “It’s so rewarding and fun to see him progress,” he says. The convenience of virtual lessons has been a game-changer for their busy family, making it easier to incorporate music into their daily life.

StrumClub Student of the Month Rory and his Dad

Rory and his dad, Jon

A standout moment for Rory was when he played “Carol of the Bells” at a restaurant, stepping up to the piano to entertain an entire crowd. It was a surprise performance that not only made Rory’s day but also showed everyone just how far he’s come.

StrumClub Student of the Month Rory
Rory performing live at a restaurant!

Rory’s enthusiasm for his lessons is clear. “I don’t think I would be here without Danica and the lessons,” he says, emphasizing how much fun learning music can be when it doesn’t feel like a chore. His dad adds, “We’re thankful more than anything to be part of the community and to have met some great teachers here.”

Congratulations, Rory! Your dedication, enthusiasm, and love for music inspire us all.

Check out our full video interview, for more from Rory and his dad!

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