Meet Saumya, Our Student of the Month!

Congratulations to this month’s Student of the Month, Saumya! Saumya was nominated by her instructor Laura for her progress and dedication to learning guitar, piano, and voice!

We talked to Saumya and her mom about how she got interested in music, her love for performing, her hobbies, and more! Check out some interview highlights below, and be sure to watch our full video interview for more from Saumya and her mom!

What got you interested in music?

A big part of what got me into music is for sure my mom and my sister. My sister plays a big part in this. She’s done music basically her whole life. I got it from her because she was always playing music and I really enjoyed listening to it. I started to sing more and more. I really started to enjoy it and get into music and exploring a bunch of different genres.

My inspirations are Taylor Swift … right now I’m obsessed with Finneas. Olivia Rodriguez and Finneas are two artists I’ve learned a ton of songs by.

What was it like getting started with lessons at StrumClub?

I asked my mom “Hey, can I take guitar lessons?” It just happened like that. She looked up “great guitar lessons” online and then I started. It was wonderful.

Laura asked me in the first lesson if I had any songs I wanted to learn on guitar. And I said “yes!” She’s taught me all these really cool things about guitar. She taught me about music theory. It’s awesome. Throughout the day I’m just so eager to get onto the lessons. I’m like “Laura, I want to learn this song so bad!”

When I am playing music and singing and everything, in a way I’m kind of speechless. It just makes me so happy.

How have you progressed since you started?

I have gained a ton of confidence. I have just been like “Wow, I can do this!” This is a hard song to play, I can sing along to it. I am so proud of this. I’m just going to play it for everybody because I love it so much.

When I am playing music and singing and everything, in a way I’m kind of speechless. It just makes me so happy. I can play and sing anytime. It’s always available. I can always play music. I can always listen to it. It’s always there for me whenever I want it or need it. It’s such a great feeling to have. I always have a way to make myself feel better.

What other hobbies do you have?

I love all kinds of art. Theater and visual art. I paint. I’ve always just enjoyed scribbling and sketching. It’s great. I try to mix different types of art. Acrylic paints, water color, and pencil. I just try to mix them all onto one piece of paper. It’s awesome.

I also really love sports. There are the sports I love to play and the sports that I just watch. I love to watch baseball. It’s such a good sport to watch! My main sport is basketball. I love basketball so much.


Check out our full video interview, where we chatted with Eva and her mom!

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