Meet Penelope, Our May Student of the Month!

Congratulations to this month’s Student of the Month, Penelope! Penelope was nominated by her instructor, Brian, for her amazing progress and dedication.

We talked to Penelope and her parents about how she got interested in music, her favorite songs, future goals, and more! Check out some interview highlights below, and be sure to watch our full video interview for more from Penelope and her parents!

How did you get started with guitar?

I got interested because my mom had an old guitar and I started playing some notes and little riffs. When I first started I could only play a few notes and a little bit slower. Now I am able to do all sorts of stuff like barre chords, strumming, and songs. I moved quickly!

What are your favorite bands?

My favorite bands would be The Beatles, Foo Fighters, and AC/DC. My favorite song to play out of those would probably be “Here Comes the Sun.”

What’s it like learning with your instructor, Brian?

I enjoy how Brian slows it down when I need to work on something or recaps so I can remember all the finger movements. It feels really good because in the beginning it was hard, but now I can barre strings and do pull offs and all sorts of stuff.

What was it like playing in the recital?

When I did the recital I was definitely nervous but when I started playing I felt so much better. It felt really good because I have never performed in front of any people besides my family. To get all those comments felt great.

What are your goals with guitar?

When I get really good at guitar I want to start my own rock band and go on world tours and perform!

Check out our full video interview, where we chatted with Penelope and her parents!

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