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Finding the perfect music teacher is a pivotal moment in your child’s musical journey. This guide aims to help you navigate the selection process, ensuring you choose an instructor who will inspire and cultivate your child’s love for music.

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A Comprehensive Music Education That’s Fun and Convenient

We’ve helped hundreds of students learn music with our flexible, innovative programs. Our expert instructors build a custom lesson plan for each student, so they learn using the songs and styles that inspire them. Students stay engaged and excited as they work through concepts and techniques, gain confidence, and build connections through a thriving community with optional recitals, classes, workshops, and more! In fact, research shows that many students progress faster and retain more of what they learn when taking lessons online.

At StrumClub, you won’t spend time driving in traffic or sitting in waiting rooms. Our lessons give busy students a convenient, affordable, and comprehensive music education experience that videos, apps, and in-person lessons just can’t provide.







What makes StrumClub better than in-person lessons, apps, and videos?

Awesome Teachers

Learn one-on-one with experienced, vetted instructors that make every lesson personalized, fun, and engaging. Research shows students progress faster when taking private lessons online.

Affordable Pricing

Rates below national averages give students access to world-class instruction at a great value.

Easy & Convenient

Students take lessons from the comfort of home with flexible scheduling that makes learning hassle-free.

“After my first lesson, I ran upstairs and screamed ‘I’m a rock star’ to my dad!”

-Cameron, StrumClub Student

“She’s all in smiles when she’s playing and having lessons. She always wants to play for everyone. We love it!”

-Shikha, StrumClub Parent

“…a new way for kids to learn music that’s better, easier, and more affordable than ever!”

-Featured on USA TODAY