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All StrumClub instructors are professional musicians with years of experience and a passion for teaching. They create a positive, engaging learning environment that supports, motivates, and inspires students to advance their skills and develop a lifelong love of music.

Marie Captain

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, and more!

Marie is a versatile musician with deep roots from New York to Los Angeles. Holding a degree in Piano, Theory, and Composition from Queens College, CUNY, she has showcased her talent as a performer, composer, and arranger in genres like pop, rock, and jazz.

Marie has played in Broadway pit bands and directed notable musicals at venues like the Emelin Theatre and West Side Arts Theatre. Her experience further extends to the recording studio, where she is a seasoned studio musician. Many of her students have carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry, including multiple Broadway performers.

Marie is excited to bring her wealth of knowledge and passion to her students!

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