StrumClub Student Agreement

Welcome to StrumClub! We are so happy to share in your journey with music. Our goal is to give our students a great lesson experience. With that in mind, we try our best to keep our policies simple and straightforward.


We don’t charge startup or registration fees of any kind. All StrumClub students are billed through recurring monthly payments, beginning on the day you register. This allows us to hold your timeslot and provide a more consistent, high-quality lesson experience. Prices are as follows:

  • One half-hour lesson per week: $129/month

  • Two half-hour lessons per week: $239/month
  • One hour-long lesson per week: $359/month
  • Two hour-long lessons per week: $479/month

Most months will have four lessons, but in months with five lessons there is no additional fee (we use those fifth weeks for things like makeups and holidays.)


Missed Lessons

Out of respect for our instructors’ time and livelihoods, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible before an absence. We require at least 48-hours notice of an absence if you would like to request a makeup. This means that same-day cancellations and same-day missed lessons will not be eligible for makeups.

We are happy to accommodate occasional rescheduling requests based on instructor availability, however, students are expected to be committed to the lesson time they have agreed to, and due to our instructors’ limited schedules, we are unable to guarantee makeup lessons in the case of student absences. All scheduling must go through our office and not through your instructor directly.


To provide a high-quality lesson experience, students are expected to commit to their lesson time and arrive on time.  Lessons cannot be extended due to tardiness.


Lessons will be scheduled every week with the following exceptions for holidays:

  • Easter

  • Independence Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas

Lessons that fall on a holiday will not be rescheduled as we will use the fifth-week lessons as the makeup.

Instructor Absences

In the case of an instructor absence, StrumClub will offer students the opportunity for either a makeup lesson or a lesson with a substitute instructor, at the discretion of the school.

Changing Your Lesson Day or Time

We know life happens, and we do our best to accommodate occasional requests for lesson day/time changes. Our instructors’ schedules can make it very difficult to accommodate some requests, and we ask for at least two-weeks notice on lesson day/time change requests. All scheduling must go through our office and not through your instructor directly.


We do not charge a cancellation or withdrawal fee. To cancel your recurring monthly payments, contact our office via email at at least 48-hours before your next bill date (the day of the month you initially registered.) Withdrawal and pause requests must be sent via email to and then completed using our lesson withdrawal form at Withdrawal and pause requests will not be considered valid if requested in a lesson or through an instructor. Like most monthly subscriptions, we are not able to offer partial or prorated refunds. Like most monthly subscriptions, we are not able to offer partial or prorated refunds.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement, and I give StrumClub (LuxLimited, LLC) permission to begin a recurring monthly payment that will continue until I notify StrumClub of my withdrawal request via email at and complete my withdrawal using the StrumClub lesson withdrawal form. I have a copy of this information for future reference.

“After my first lesson, I ran upstairs and screamed ‘I’m a rock star’ to my dad!”

-Cameron, StrumClub Student

“He looks forward to every single lesson. We’ve had nothing but a great experience!”

-Adam, StrumClub Parent

“She’s all in smiles when she’s playing and having lessons. She always wants to play for everyone. We love it!”

-Shikha, StrumClub Parent